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Management Information System Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

The executives Information System - Research Paper Example Web is the interconnection of systems over the world which associates PCs to servers thus connecting the billions of individuals around the globe. The web which started during the 1970s has kept on encountering gigantic development in innovation and customer base. Web is given by the web access suppliers which offer association with assigned web spaces. Sending of data however the web is an unpredictable procedure that a great many people who are not PC technocrats can't comprehend. In any case, the straightforward clarification is that every PC has an Internet Protocol Address which is remarkable to that PC. When data is sent through the web, it must be deteriorated sending data to the assigned location and afterward reassembled when it arrives at the assignment and the procedure is rehashed over with data looked for. This procedure happens so quick that individuals don't see (Laudon and Laudon, 2014). Web clients associate with the web through the three diverse space name framework: top-level, second-level and third-level areas. With every area level, the data is limited to the particulars of the data looked. The top-level area incorporates government level, authoritative level, and instruction among other which are contracted with .com or .organization among others. It is at the third level that data is refined to the primary pursuit words. A portion of the normal internet providers incorporate messages, moving documents, having news gatherings and utilizing the World Wide Web to send or recover data, for example, designs and messages. The most widely recognized web utilization is the visiting and sending of texts regularly the internet based life (Abbate, 2000). The web with all its magnificence and various preferences additionally has its own hindrances. Individuals have the opportunity to stack in any data on the web which would then be able to be gotten to by others

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Neanderthals Essays - Stone Age, Human Evolution, Hominini

Neanderthals Neanderthals I have never truly had an enthusiasm for religion and the convictions it is made of. This all leaves me befuddled at times. Religion clarifies the production of mankind, since I have no strict convictions then where does this leave me in pondered where I originated from? As a matter of fact it left me no where. I have quite recently as of late taken a human sciences class the second semester of my first year at Montgomery College. I am simply know increasing a faith in where and when man was made. Simply think, a great many people are imparted with religion from the get-go throughout everyday life, for the most part by their guardians or the schools that there guardians make the go to at an early age. I have consistently been to obstinate to tune in to anything my folks needed to state, driving me to discover things for myself. I have just had the option to tune in and comprehend things that I like and tuning in to my human sciences instructor was something that I could comprehend and delighted in tuning in to. He was the person who initially acquainted me with Neanderthals. Numerous Anthropologists accept that Neanderthals were in actuality an immediate progenitor to present day man. Consequently giving Anthropologists a thought of where we began. Then again a few Anthropologists imagine that the Neanderthals had no connection to current man. Through the look into that I have done, there is little data that underpins that Neanderthals were in truth precursors, however there is an unmistakable bigger measure of data that bolsters that they are not precursors of man. The greater part of the data that upheld that Neanderthals were immediate precursors has been seen as inaccurate through research and innovation. In 1856 at the Feldhofer Cave, Germany, Neanderthal Man acquainted himself with the world demonstrated by Turnbaugh, Jurmain, Nelson, Kilgore in the seventh version of Understanding Physical Human sciences and Archeology. Named after the valley wherein he was found (Neander Tal), this primate would send anthropologists distraught for more than 100 a long time. They were at first however of as dumb beasts with clubs and monster like qualities. French Paleontologist, Marcelin Boule was the maker of this misguided judgment about the Neanderthals. Boule pronounce that these primates were unintelligent because of their low-browed cerebrums and that the main thing that they could make is their apparatuses and very little else. Boule accepted that the mammoth strolled bowed need and head anticipating forward with his huge toe like a chimpanzee. Later it is found out that in actuality his misinterpretation about the monster guided him wrong in his assessment of the older primate. All things considered the bones that he inspected was disabled and had experienced joint pain, over looked by Boule. A few Anthropologists accept that it is practically difficult to miss the proof of joint pain on the old keeps an eye on bones since it is so clear to see. In any case, Boule's examination left a perpetual scar on the Neanderthals picture that would not be changed until numerous years after the fact (307). As of late scientists have effectively concentrate and grouping DNA from a Neanderthal fossil. A little bit of bone from the funny was expelled from the first Neandertal Vally fossil also, contrasted with various other DNA tests. Unequivocal verification can not be resolved from one succession of a person, in actuality new information driving for Neanderthals: indicating that they were a part of the human family, not an immediate progenitor. The outcomes from the tests show that the Neanderthal DNA is significantly not the same as the other DNA that was tried. The other DNA that was tried was from Humans just as chimpanzees. From the outcome of these DNA tests, analysts remain by the view that Neanderthals exist as an animal varieties autonomous from early current man. Along these lines satisfying the name of Neanderthals as a transformative impasse (Science 176-178). Mitochondria is a significant cell that at long last decided the connection among man and Neanderthals (Newman 1999). There is likewise a social differentiation between the Neanderthals and Homo sapiens (early present day man) demonstrated by Turnbaugh, Jurmain, Nelson, Kilgore in the seventh release of Understanding Physical Humanities and Archeology. These distinctions set them apart as it were that discloses to us how they lived and characterizes the distinction in the two. Instrument innovation for the sake of the Neanderthals was less best in class. Chip devices were utilized for explicit what's more, not many tasks. Bone, tusk, and ivory were utilized rarely. Most instruments had just a couple of parts. While the Homo sapiens were utilizing a wide verity of stone devices. Utilizing bone, prong and ivory as frequently as conceivable. Just as having a lot more devices with at least two sections. Chasing is another

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Synthetic Marijuana Myths, Effects, Risks, and How to Get Help

Synthetic Marijuana Myths, Effects, Risks, and How to Get Help Addiction Drug Use Marijuana Print What to Know About Synthetic Marijuana (Fake Weed) Use By Buddy T facebook twitter Buddy T is an anonymous writer and founding member of the Online Al-Anon Outreach Committee with decades of experience writing about alcoholism. Learn about our editorial policy Buddy T Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on August 12, 2019 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD on August 12, 2019 Spencer Platt / Getty Images More in Addiction Drug Use Marijuana Cocaine Heroin Meth Ecstasy/MDMA Hallucinogens Opioids Prescription Medications Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Nicotine Use Coping and Recovery In This Article Table of Contents Expand What Does Fake Weed Do? Common Side Effects Signs of Use Myths and Common Questions Addiction and Withdrawal How to Get Help View All Back To Top Synthetic cannabinoids, also called synthetic marijuana or fake weed, have been used by many as an alternative to marijuana since products were first introduced in 2002. Despite the fact that these man-made products were created in laboratories to help scientists study the cannabinoid system in the human brain, they often claim to be made of “natural” material from a variety of plants. Hundreds of synthetic cannabinoids exist and the effects can be unpredictable and even life-threatening. Also Known As: There are countless fake weed products being sold as herbal smoking blends, legal bud, herbal smoke, marijuana alternatives, fake weed, or herbal buds. This makes it difficult for parents and other adults to identify them. Some of the brand names include  Blaze, Blueberry Haze, Dank, Demon Passion Smoke, Genie, Hawaiian Hybrid, K2, Magma, Ninja, Nitro, Ono Budz, Panama Red Ball, Puff, Sativah Herbal Smoke, Skunk, Spice, Ultra Chronic, and Voodoo Spice. Drug Class: Synthetic marijuana products are classified as new psychoactive substances (NPS), or unregulated mind-altering substances intended to produce the same effects as illegal drugs.   Common Side Effects: Side effects of the drug include elevated mood, relaxation, altered perception, symptoms of psychosis, extreme anxiety, confusion, paranoia, hallucinations, violent behavior, suicidal thoughts, rapid heart rate, raised blood pressure, vomiting, kidney damage, and seizures. How to Recognize Fake Weed Synthetic marijuana often contains a mixture of dried leaves from traditional herbal plants. They are various colors, including green, brown, blonde, and red, and often sold in small packets approximately two by three inches. The packets are often colorful foil packs or plastic zip bags. Some online sellers of legal fake weed products do so with disclaimers like not for human consumption. What Does Synthetic Marijuana Do? Fake weed works on the same brain cell receptors as THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gets you high). It is typically smoked, brewed in tea, or vaped.  Many of these products are legally marketed as herbal incense or potpourri. Some people who use herbal buds say that  it produces a high  similar to that of marijuana, but it doesnt last as long.  Others experience a relaxed feeling, rather than the head high  that real marijuana  produces. Also of note is the harsh taste, which people say makes your throat burn and your lungs ache long after you smoke. Since there are no standards for making, packaging, or selling synthetic weed, its impossible to know the type and amount of chemicals in each product as well as what the fake weed will do to you. What the Experts Say Although they are often marketed as 100% organic herbs, none of the fake weed products on the market are completely natural. They have all been found to contain various synthetic cannabinoids, or chemicals produced in laboratories. Originally, fake marijuana products contained a chemical called HU-210, which has a molecular structure very similar to THC. Because HU-210 is listed as a Schedule I  controlled substance in the United States, these fake weed products were manufactured and sold only in Europe. Since then, new synthetic cannabinoid agonists have been created. They are too numerous to list. Some are similar in structure to THC; others are not. Some are classified as controlled substances. By using different synthetic marijuana mixtures, manufacturers are able to continue to legally market their products in the United States when another formulation becomes illegal. According to the DEA, the majority of these chemical compounds are produced in Asia with no regulations or standards. They are then smuggled into the United States where they are sprinkled onto plant material, packaged and ultimately sold in tobacco shops, convenience stores, and the like. Some of these chemicals are still legal. However, since synthetic marijuana first hit the market, more than 20 of these compounds have become controlled in some way at the federal level. At the same time, they noted that more than 75 additional compounds have been identified but are not currently controlled. In 2015, the DEA listed 15 varieties of synthetic marijuana as Schedule I controlled substances in the  Drugs of Abuse  resource guide. This places them in the same federal category as heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana. Many people buy into the idea that fake marijuana products are safe since the chemicals are legal and contain natural ingredients. However, this has proven to be false with multiple cases of  severe, unexplained bleeding or bruising, and some deaths. Other reports show an increase in emergency room visits due to rapid heart rate, vomiting, violent behavior, suicidal thoughts, kidney damage, and seizures. Off-Label Uses Some of the fake marijuana products sold commercially claim to contain herbs traditionally used for medicinal purposes, including: Beach bean (Canavalia maritima)Blue Egyptian water lily (nymphaea caerulea)Dwarf skullcap (scutellaria nana)Indian warrior (pedicularis densiflora)Lions tail (leonotis leonurus)Indian lotus (nelumbo nucifera)Honeyweed (leonurus sibiricus) However, one study revealed that some of the herbal ingredients listed by the manufacturers could not be found in the products. Beyond the synthetic cannibinoid HU-210, which is used by scientists to identify cannibinoid receptors in the brain and study the effects ?-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (?-9-THC), there are no approved or off-label medical uses for synthetic marijuana. Common Side Effects While research is advancing, the  effect synthetic marijuana products may have on the human body is largely unknown. To date, few studies have been published testing the effects of the chemicals on users. Within the DEA report, they note overdoses that have caused fatal heart attacks. Similarly, acute kidney injury resulting in hospitalization and dialysis have been connected to these synthetics. One study compared the level of impairment for drivers who were arrested for intoxicated driving. One group had smoked synthetic cannabinoids and those in the other group were high on marijuana. The study found a significant increase in confusion, disorientation, and  incoherence in the synthetic marijuana group. Slurred speech, a side effect not normally associated with natural cannabis use, was also reported among the synthetic cannabinoid users. Beyond the short-term effects mentioned, an increase in blood pressure, as well as seizures, tremors, and anxiety, have been noted in synthetic marijuana users. Whether these observed symptoms will have lasting effects, particularly on adolescents and young adult users, is not yet known. Of course, smoking any substance could have negative effects on the lungs. The problem with JWH-018 (a synthetic cannabinoid compound) is that absolutely nothing is known regarding its toxicity or metabolites, says John Huffman, who helped develop the JWH-018 chemical. Therefore, it is potentially dangerous and should not be used. JWH-018 is also known as 1-Pentyl-3-(1-naphthyl) indole and is one of the Schedule I controlled substances listed with the DEA. Recently, a version of synthetic marijuana was laced with rat poison, causing uncontrolled bleeding in hundreds of people  and killing several others who ingested the tainted products. If you or a loved one has used synthetic marijuana and begin experiencing severe, unexplained bleeding or bruising, call 911 or asked a loved one to take you to the hospital immediately. These are all signs of contaminated cannabinoid products. Signs of Use If you are a parent of a young adult, it pays to know the behaviors and physical effects of using fake weed. While exhibiting one or two of these signs might not mean that your child is using, they are all strong indicators of drug use and should be taken seriously. Behaviors: Burning incenseBuying or using eye dropsPossessing dried plants or herbsHaving rolling papers or vape pensReceiving suspicious packages in the mailDisplaying unusual or secretive behaviors Physical effects: RestlessnessRed or irritated eyesPale complexionActing confused Recognizing Fake Weed Use in Teens Myths and Common Questions Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about herbal bud is that it is natural marijuana. It is not; it is created from any of several hundred man-made synthetic chemicals that are sprayed onto the chopped plant material.   Synthetic marijuana is also far more potent, containing TCH analogs or synthetic cannabinoids that can be up to 600 times more potent than THC found in marijuana. Often, additives, toxic impurities, and other types of drugs are also found in fake weed products.   Tolerance, Dependence, and Withdrawal Regularly using “fake weed” can result in increased tolerance, or needing more and more of the drug to experience the same high. If you regularly use synthetic cannabinoids, you can also become both physically and psychologically dependent. This means if you stop abruptly, youll likely experience withdrawal symptoms. Since the chemical composition of fake weed is unknown and can change from batch to batch, tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal may also vary. How Long Does Fake Weed Stay in Your System? How long synthetic cannabinoids stay in your system depends on several factors, including the type, how it is administered (i.e., inhaled or ingested), amount consumed, and frequency of use. Since these synthetic drugs dont trigger a positive result on most standard urine drug tests, many people turn to these drugs in an attempt to avoid positive drug screens for employment, rehab, or legal reasons. Addiction Long-term, regular use of synthetic cannabinoids can lead to addiction. If you have a history of mental illness or a substance use disorder, the risk of addiction is even greater. In addition to building up a tolerance and experiencing symptoms of withdrawal, other signs of synthetic cannabinoid addiction can include: You use more than intended, even after telling yourself that you’ll only “take a few hits.”You are unable to cut down or stop and have likely failed numerous times at quitting.You spend lots of time getting high, often at the expense of spending time with loved ones or doing activities you once enjoyed.You continue to use despite any problems with family and friends, employment, or legal troubles.You depend on the drug to “relax” or for creativity. Signs and Symptoms of Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms of synthetic weed withdrawal can range from mild to severe, depending on how frequent and how long you have been using, and include the following: HeadacheSevere anxietyDepressionIrritability How to Get Help If you suspect that someone you love is using synthetic marijuana, the most important thing you can do is spend time with them, communicate the dangers of fake weed, and watch for any signs of use. While behavioral therapies and medications have yet to be specifically tested for the treatment of synthetic cannabinoid addiction, a health care professional can work with you and your loved one to safely detox from the drug as well as identify and treat any co-occurring mental illness. Finding a Reputable Treatment Facility In addition to getting a recommendation from a trusted health care professional, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a toll-free, confidential hotline along with an addiction treatment facility search tool to help people find facilities in the United States. Similarly,  The Partnership at DrugFree.org  has a helpline and tips so families know what to ask when vetting a rehab.

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Activity Series - Chemistry Glossary Definition

Activity Series Definition: The activity series of metals is an list of metals ranked in order of decreasing reactivity to displace hydrogen gas from water and acid solutions. It can also be used to predict which metals will displace other metals in aqueous solutions. Also Known As: Reactivity Series of Metals

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Analysis Of Luther Man Between God And The Devil Essay

Luther Man between God and the Devil is wonderfully written book that was authored by Heiko A. Oberman. The author of the book focuses on Luther’s life history with the overall purpose of discovering the under explored aspects of his life lessons. Oberman hoped to link Martin’s life with eternity and not a continuous progress towards heaven inspired by the chaos in the last days of eternity (Oberman, 1989, 12). Heiko is conscious of the monumental time difference between Martin Luther’s death and the period he constructs the details which comprise this work. During the author’s time of researching the history, theology, and character of Luther. We could argue that one of the over riding focuses of this book is that Luther’s poignant point of view for his life was symbolic of a struggle against the devil, or at the very least our interpretation. Background on Martin Luther The story of Luther and the Reformation have been the topic of religious discussion for centuries. The Papal Authority played a pivotal role in European history, as did the Protestant Reformers. Luther’s perspective on religious duty makes for an inspiring conceptualization of religion. The Papal Authority on the other hand had a monumental task of keeping Catholicism at the forefront of Europe while simultaneously defending it against the advancing Turks. As protestants we have a tendency to harshly judge the Catholic church for the selling of indulgence and for taking confession. Yet thisShow MoreRelatedKingdom of Heaven Analysis Essay1796 Words   |  8 PagesThis is my longer analysis of the Kingdom of Heaven. Appreciate any feedback. [SPOILER WARNING] The Kingdom of Heaven is an anti-religion humanist epic. The moral of the story is that humanism is better than religion. KOH uses a traditional storytelling formula designed to convince people to reject a particular belief or worldview. A sympathetic hero begins the story believing in the worldview the screenwriter wants to discredit. After seeing the worldview for what it really is (according to theRead MoreEssay about flannery oconner: queen of irony1743 Words   |  7 PagesAmerican experience. They wrote about uniquely American subjects in a humorous and everyday language, replete with their character’s misdeeds and shortcomings. Their success in creating this plain but descriptive language, the language of the common man, signaled the end of American reverence for British and European culture and for the more formal use of language associated with those traditions. In essence, these new authors â€Å"had what [the author] Henry James called â€Å"a powerful impulse t o mirrorRead MoreThe Reformation Essay2676 Words   |  11 Pagescontroversy in teaching the freedom of religious conscience of the individual believer, who stood in faith directly before God in 1370. Wycliffs followers, contemptuously called Lollards, preached reform in England. Also, Wycliffs movement made much of the bible available to the masses in its English translation from the Vulgate. This gave the people a more personal relationship with God because they could educate themselves by reading the word. The church did not like this nor did they like WycliffsRead MoreDr. Martin Luther King s Letter From Birmingham Jail1428 Words   |  6 PagesOn April 16, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote what has become known as the â€Å"Letter from Birmingham Jail.† A long document, it was addressed to Birmingham’s local clergymen because they had been critical of his work and ideas. Dr. King believed their criticism was in good faith, and pointed out that he was in Birmingham because he had been invited by the local affiliate of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, showing the religious commonalities between himself and the clergymen. HoweverRead MorePrejudice-to Kill a Mockingbird and Martin Luther King5895 Words   |  24 Pagesfamous and rejoiced literatures that examine the theme of prejudice are Harper Lee’s realist fiction novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and Martin Luther King’s heart warming speech ‘I Have a Dream’. Both texts explore the theme of prejudice of white Americans on the Blacks in the racially tense times of the early twentieth century. Unlike Harper Lee, Martin Luther King goes a step further to persuade the audience that there is prejudice present and we should be motivated to stop this evil from blossomingRead MoreWhat It Means For The American Identity2100 Words   |  9 Pagesthe American Identity. Families could choose to practice a religion, go to a school of their pre ference, and be treated fairly. Every July 4th, individuals celebrate this great country, America, and their involvement in the American Identity. The analysis of the American Identity is portrayed through four fundamental principles that support the right to â€Å"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness†, those being religion, education, equality, and freedom. In religion, with the core values of beliefRead MoreThe Effect of Crisis on Religion in Europe: Black Death vs. Wwii4285 Words   |  18 Pages Candidate Name: Katie Miller Candidate Number:____________ May 2013 History Extended Essay Supervisor: Mr. Derek Parsons Word Count: 3,133 Abstract This essay is a comparative analysis of the effect that two major crises in Europe had upon religion. Europe was a central hub for both the events of the Black Death, as the place where the devastation of the plague was most accurately documented, and World War II, as it was the mainRead MoreReligion Is Poison8248 Words   |  33 PagesWhat they have in common are followers who do not question the ideology based on their belief (or fear) that their leader is infallible (whether God or human) and abandon their ability to reason... and therein lies the danger.1 If religion has to do with how we relate to God, then Buddhism, Confucianism is left out because they have little to say about God. We may look at the language below to see the conundrum. Muehlhauser2 noted an ideal type of religion includes: 1. Interaction with the supernaturalRead MoreThe Salvation Of The Soul : An Analysis Of Bunyan s Pilgrim s Progress From A Biblical Perspective2239 Words   |  9 Pages陈玛莉(Chen Mali) Mary 12090703 Francesca de Lucia Academic Writing Jan. 9, 2015 The Salvation of the Soul: an Analysis of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress from a Biblical Perspective John Bunyan, lacking in formal schooling, was a small tinker in the English countryside. It was said that he had read no more than five books all his life. He spent much time reading Holy Bible and was called â€Å"man of one book† by later generations. As a staunch Puritan, he wrote resolutely for his belief and his ChristianRead MoreLincoln and the Abolitionists Essay5776 Words   |  24 PagesGuelzo, happened through a curious combination of political maneuvering, personal conviction, and commitment to constitutional principle. One of the ironies of the Civil War era and the end of slavery in the United States has always been that the man who played the role of the Great Emancipator was so hugely mistrusted and so energetically vilified by the party of abolition. Abraham Lincoln, whatever his larger reputation as the liberator of two million black slaves, has never entirely shaken off

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American Dream or American Nightmare Free Essays

These days people don’t know whether to rent house or buy one, people once thought that their house was a an equity in which anytime they needed money for a bigger house, college tuition or for retirement. It is my strong opinion; living in these unstable and uncertain times, with an economy that has steadily spiraled downward in the recent past, do we need to wonder if; â€Å"The American Dream† has turned into the American nightmare? There are many considerations that need to be considered prior to making such a big decision on rent vs. buying. We will write a custom essay sample on American Dream or American Nightmare or any similar topic only for you Order Now Let’s begin with some of the pros and cons of renting. When someone rents a home or apartment they are not responsible for the added expense of repairs and maintenance, property taxes, or homeowners insurance, the three of these alone are very costly. It is easier to move as you please, of course with an ample amount of time of moving notification to landlord. We never know what life will throw our way as far as the little emergencies with health, transportation and job security, but at least one of those emergencies will not include unexpected household maintenance.A couple negative aspects of renting would be, if someone a property that wasn’t protected by the rent control and the landlord was able to consistently raise the rent. The next negative aspect would be, not building equity and credit. Although a person can still build credit, there’s nothing like home ownership for building credit. Buying has its many benefits as well. First of all, mentioned earlier, buying builds credit and equity.In Addition, people generally like to have property to pass down to future generations, so they can have that stability. We must bear in mind when owning a home, that the homeowner is responsible for maintenance and repairs, property taxes, homeowners insurance, and rising interest rates when not having a fixed loan. People need to educate themselves about different types of loans, prior to getting a loan, this is another reason many people have found themselves in a position of foreclosure.The final decision must be made by the individual and what their current and forecasted financial situation will be, with all things considered. In my final paper I plan to give statistics on how many homes have been foreclosed and how many people have ended up homeless in the order of most recent 2010 to the 1970’s. I have chosen this chronological order because in my opinion, people want to know information about whatâ€⠄¢s going on now first, and what changes have occurred to bring us to this point secondary. How to cite American Dream or American Nightmare, Papers

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Knowledge and Mature Person free essay sample

Composition Write a coherent, unified, multi-paragraph (3 or more paragraphs) composition of at least 300 words on the topic below. In your composition, you may apply any appropriate method of development, including exposition, persuasion, description, and narration. (30 marks) Topic: Certain experiences can mark the beginnings of maturity. Maturity marks the beginning of a person’s physical changes but in my opinion the physical changes and age of a person does not show how mature they are. I think that how a person think and act shows their maturity. In order for a person to mature, they need experiences. There are three reasons as to why experiences mark the beginnings of maturity. The reasons are; it exposes an individual to challenges and helps gain from it, helps the individual to learn from past mistakes and have good characteristics, and lastly it attributes to expanding a person’s knowledge and point of view. First of all, having experiences helps a person gain and polish their skills and become stronger. We will write a custom essay sample on Knowledge and Mature Person or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Every experience comes with a challenge that a person must overcome in order to become stronger and survive in this vast world. When a person overcomes the challenge it harness it skills from that experience and become more accustomed to challenges and marks the beginning of maturity of the person, step by step, becoming stronger and more skilled and acting more mature in handling the next challenges. Second of all, an experience helps form an individual’s characteristics of not repeating same mistakes from the past. A person is called immature when they keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over, never learning from it. But a person becomes mature when he or she learns from that experience and acts accordingly in order to avoid repeating the same mistake in the future. As an individual have more experience, he or she forms characteristics. A mature person possesses good behavior such as honesty, sense of responsibility, realize what is right and wrong, and can read the situations. Having good characteristic and learning from every experience is how a person becomes mature. Most importantly, an experience helps in widening a person’s point of view and knowledge. Experience is knowledge and is vital in decision making. A person does not only get knowledge from books and school, experience also helps in widening one’s knowledge. An experience is where we learn about things and information that cannot be obtained from books. Experience is the best way to expand an individual’s point of view and knowledge, because the person itself undergo an event where he or she can observe and see what happens. As a person’s becomes more knowledgeable and expands his or her point of view, the person becomes more aware of his or her surrounding, becoming more understanding just like a mature person. In life, experience always plays a big part in becoming mature. It is important to have a lot of experiences where one learns and benefit from. Age doesn’t help an individual to develop into a mature person, but experience does. Experience influences our way of thinking and how we should see the world. It helps us in decision making and teaches us how we should act and what we should do making us more mature. In other words it illustrates how each individual becomes wiser, stronger, understanding, knowledgeable, and develops into a good mature person, becoming what we’re supposed to be.